Women’s Ministry

Our women’s ministry is one of the backbones of our church ministry. We welcome all women from all walks of life, 15 yrs or older to join us in fellowship with our wonderful spiritual mother, Jacinta Saunoa to build them up for ministry calling and to prepare them to become better equip for their future husbands and families. Come join our women’s ministry and help build our local church as powerful women of God.


Youth Ministry

We believe our youth are not just the church of tomorrow but the church of today and right now. We also believe when we train them up at a young age in the ways of God, they will grow up knowing what's more important in life. One of the greatest life lessons Jesus taught His disciples was, if they want to lead they must first learn to serve. Our youth ministry is catered to help our youth become great servants of God in their young age and when they become mature adults. We hope and pray you will trust us to help develop your youth to become the young men and women God desires them to be. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to send us a message, thank you.


God bless!!!



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