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Special announcements

***Continue in fasting & prayer every Wednesday for the whole world. We need Jesus in our lives.

***Please pray for the entire world, call out in the name of Jesus for His divine supernatural healing upon all those seeking for healing. Pray for peace among all the nations as we face trials, tribulations and hard times in our journey through this temporary world. 



  • Family night.


  • Church fasting - 6am to 12noon or 6pm


  • Bible study @ 6pm


  • Prayer Meeting - 6am

4 Challenges for this year 2023

  1. Make a donation to our youth Ministry missions funds. (Target $1000)
  2. Pray for people to turn to God.
  3. Like, share, comment and Invite family & friends to join us at church every Sunday or online on fb live.
  4. Invite family & friends to Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

***Please pray and remember our families, friends, our country, and our leaders. May Gods peace and comfort be with us all as we go through these tough times.


Stay safe and stay connected.


God bless!!!